Bill Worrell is an internationally touring guitarist, composer, singer, songwriter, and producer. His recent tour credits include lead guitarist for the Grammy Award winning band, America.

Bill's music combines rock, blues, and progressive rock. 

Born in Pasadena, CA, Bill grew up in the music industry. His father, Jeff Worrell, played lead guitar for Natalie Cole throughout the 1980’s. During the 90’s, his dad switched gears into live mixing and went on to work with artists such as Edgar Winter, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Dave Mason, Sheena Easton, Bread, and currently America. “These people were always around the house”, says Bill. “Mike Botts from Bread gave me my first drum lesson and Neil Giraldo showed me how to play my first barre chords”.

During high school, Bill studied jazz extensively while performing with several original bands. 

Post-high school, he toured with his original group "Midnite Overture" while attending Glendale Community College for classical guitar.

After graduating California State University Northridge with his Bachelor's of Music in Classical Guitar Performance, Bill went on tour with the 70's classic rock group, America. Starting as the guitar technician, he had the opportunity to "sub" for long-time lead guitarist Michael "Woodsy" Woods. Upon Woods' departure in 2013, Bill took over as full-time lead guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. 

Today, Bill records and performs extensively.

From 2009 to 2016, he recorded with several original projects while on the road with America. This included many instrumental singles which defined his musical style.

In 2016, he released "The Nashville Sessions" EP, produced by Fred Mollin (Michael McDonald, America, BB King). The album featured a selection of pop/country vocal tunes. It featured session musicians Shannon Forrest on drums, Pat Coil on keys, Kerry Marx on rhythm guitars, and Larry Paxton on bass. In early 2017, Bill released “Time to Change”. This marked a return to instrumental guitar compositions. ​Later in 2017, he released the self-titled "Bill Worrell", a compilation featuring the previously recorded instrumentals. 

​In 2018-2019, he released the singles "The New World Times", “Crashing Down”, and “I Wanna Fly [Single]”, and "A Way Back Home". In 2020, he released "A Side Note" which featured several blues rock tunes including the popular single "Crashing Down. Also released was "The Nashville Sessions [Deluxe Edition]" and the single "Try to Sleep". His third full-length release "Triptych" is set to be released in three parts starting in October 2020.

Bill is also an active instructor and curriculum developer for Fender Instruments' premier website, Fender Play.

Bill proudly endorses the following companies:

Carvin Guitars (DC127)

Taylor Guitars (Nylon)

Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers (TC-50)

Dunlop Accessories (Picks, Slides, Capos)

Ernie Ball Strings (Electric, Guitar Straps)

Elixir Strings (Acoustic)

Strymon Engineering (Timeline, Mobius, Flint, Iridium)

Fishman (Prefix Plus-T)

Pedaltrain (Powertrain)

Peterson Tuners

Radial Engineering (Classic Drive)